Buy 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10: Cleaning in 3D in 2021

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10: It’s 2021. Time to start cleaning your home in 3D. Triple-eye LiDAR sensors put the S10 ahead of its class, allowing it to 3D scan your home in ways other cleaners can only dream of. It detects objects as slim as .04 inches, then decides in real-time to steer clear or hoover it up, ensuring a thorough clean without any surprises.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10: The World leading Triple-eye LiDARs Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Most robot vacuum cleaners today are living in 2D. They only have a single sensor, so they fall short when scanning your home for slim objects. That leads to some messy mistakes – like dragging dog dirt around the house or getting caught under the sofa. Meanwhile, multi-floor mapping means the S10 can learn the layout of your home in seconds and optimize the most effective cleaning route. And with a 520ml intelligent water tank for mopping hard surfaces, powerful suction capabilities, and a slim 3.35-inch body, the S10 can handle whatever mess your home throws at it. Most importantly, it never asks for a day off.


Features of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10

3 powerful LiDAR sensors: The 3 powerful LiDAR sensors help the S10 size up your home and remove blind spots, meaning no more bumping into walls, and no problems. Just a clean home, every time.

Main Laser: The S10 keeps its eyes on the road. Its main laser focuses on long-distance objects and can detect items from 6-8 meters ahead, meaning it can spot your toddler crawling in the distance or the furniture you moved while remodeling.

Front Laser: The S10’s front laser has an eye for detail. It can size up objects in its path taller than 0.4 inches, then navigate away or rollover to hoover them up, helping it steer away from magazines on the floor and surprises from Fido.

Wall Laser: Mind your head. The S10 uses a third laser to measure height, so it knows whether it can squeeze past or under obstacles -or if it should take a detour.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 Cleans in 3D
360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 Cleans in 3D

Smart Obstacle Detection: Your house is full of obstacles. And the S10 loves obstacles. Yes, you hear it right. the S10 with a Front LiDAR sensor that can detect more than 100 different objects in your home. The results? Usage tests showed the 360 S10 to be 900 percent better at avoiding obstacles than the previous model. And they improved the S10’s 3D mapping accuracy by over 100 percent.

Cutting-edge technology known as dToF – or Direct-Time-of-Flight: The S10 uses the same navigation technology as NASA’s Mars Rover to learn your entire home in seconds. Even those hard-to-reach corners you’d rather not think about. Its LiDAR sensors use a cutting-edge technology known as dToF – or Direct-Time-of-Flight – to shoot light pulses as it cleans your home. Compared to traditional LDS technology, the S10 offers 4X accuracy when recognizing objects, and 30% faster positioning. It can also handle areas with strong lightings, like balconies or the floor beside your sliding back doors – areas where other cleaners tend to get fuddled.

Unique Suction Power: Don’t let the S10’s slim design fool you – there’s a whole lot of power under the hood. It sucks up dirt and dust at a powerful 3300Pa. That’s around 1,000 Pascals more than the average robot cleaner. So its superior suction will dig in deep to clean the dirt you can’t see, while filtering dust in the process.

Auto Carpet Detection Tech: Most robot vacuums don’t know the difference between your kitchen tiles and that shaggy rug in the living room. But cleaning those two surfaces requires a totally different approach. The S10 uses ultrasonic sensors to know what type of surface it’s on and changes its cleaning strategy. It can increase suction for thicker rugs, then lower power for slick tiles and hardwood. It will never get confused and mop your carpet either.

Program No-Go Zone: Some parts of your home are off-limits. Even to your vacuum cleaner. The S10 will only go where you say it can. Just program a no-go zone into the app, and the S10 will stay out of a kid’s bedroom during naptime or steer clear of the shelf where you keep grandma’s antiques. Have a complicated layout in your home? The S10 can adapt. While other robot cleaners only allow for regular areas to be set as no-go zones, the S10 will allow you to create multi-type shapes you like in the app.

500ml capacity dust bin: The S10 makes it quick, clean, and easy with a washable 500ml capacity dust bin. It’s large enough that you’ll only have to empty it every two weeks. And one touch opening lets you toss the dirt without getting your hands dirty. Plus a mesh bin filter keeps long hairs from clogging it up.

Customizable cleaning schedule: The S10 makes it easy to have a customizable cleaning schedule. Simply program your most ideal cleaning time in the app – how’s Monday and Friday at 10 AM, when the house is empty? Or maybe 5 PM Thursday before your dinner guests arrive. Is once-weekly cleaning enough for your home, or do you have the kind of place that needs daily attention?

Selected Room Cleaning: Some parts of your home need more attention than others. Like that spare room where your cat likes to nap. Simply program it into the app using the ‘Selected Room Cleaning’ feature, and the S10 will go over the area repeatedly until it gets the clean it needs.

360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 Features
360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 Features

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