Buy MagFix Duo Arc M1330 @2999: Compatible Wireless Charging Station

MagFix Duo Arc M1330: Price

The RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 15W dual Wireless Charging Stand will be available for Rs 2,999, with a standard industry warranty of 1 year, on and Buyers can avail of additional 6 months of warranty on registering their products.


RAEGR is a consumer tech accessory brand that offers a wide range of lifestyle and tech products. The product catalogue includes Wireless Chargers, Bluetooth Audio such as Speakers, Headphones and Earphones, Smartphone Cases and Mobile Accessories. RAEGR Wireless Chargers have been ranked the best in their category on Amazon India. The brand introduces innovative and high-quality products based on customers’ needs while maintaining excellent value and satisfying customer experience. The brand is owned by Georgian Enterprises, Bangalore.

Features Of MagFix Duo Arc M1330 Wireless Charger

MagFix Duo Arc M1330 Image
MagFix Duo Arc M1330 Image

  • MagFix Duo Arc M1330, a 2-in-1 wireless charger that also converts into a smartphone stand. The Arc M1330 has two charging coils that can simultaneously fuel an Apple iPhone 12 or AirPods along with an Apple Watch.
  • The foldable design of MagFix Duo Arc M1330 also allows for high portability and also be used as a smartphone stand. MagFix Duo Arc M1330 has a folding design that allows for high portability. Use it at home, in the office, in your car or anywhere you like and transport it in your handbag or backpack with ease.
  • The RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 is a 15W dual wireless charger that is aimed at users who own Apple’s iPhone 12 series.
  • Fast Qi Wireless charger, supports 10W, 7.5W and 5W.
    *Supports wireless charging even with Cases on.
    *Object detection helps and its shuts off any metal impact, like coins etc.
    *Has good grips on both top and bottom for firm placement
    *works with QC 2 and 3 Chargers
    *Comes with Ring Lights for indication of status.
  • It features a MagSafe-compatible charging pad on the left that accommodates any of Apple’s iPhone 12 series smartphones or AirPods (2/Pro) and can charge them with up to 15 Watts of power.
  • The right side of the pad has a unique folding design that charges the Apple Watch. It can be used in Normal mode or lifted by 90° in Night Stand mode for Loop Band convenience. Using it in the Night Stand mode  allows you to simultaneously charge the Watch while the Watch’s display can turn into a desk clock.
  • RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 can charge your iWatch in two angles. You can charge iWatch on the flat mode. Or it can charge in a 90-degree angle. Ease of charging for Loop band users . And you can use Arc M1330 as a phone stand while you charge your iPhone 12 series. So that you can attend meetings or watch movies in Landscape.
  • MagFix Duo Arc M1330 can also be used to charge other Qi-compatible smartphones from brands such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG and a few others at 15W. However, the smartphone stand feature will only work with Apple’s iPhone 12 series.
  • The RAEGR MagFix Duo Arc M1330 also has some rugged safety features. It protects every charging device from Over-current, Overheat, Over-Voltage and Short Circuit.
  • Using its in-built intelligent device detection circuit, the charger can detect the power requirements of each device and smartly adjust the output power among 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15W.
  • Package contains 1 x 2 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger Pad, 1 x 3.3ft Type-C USB Cable,and 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card. We offer 1 Year Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects. To activate an additional 6-month warranty, Kindly follow the instructions provided in the manual guidelines

PRICE OF  Wireless Charger

Bengaluru-based homegrown consumer lifestyle technology brand RAEGR officially announces ‘MagFix Duo Arc M1330’ – a 2-in-1 wireless charger that also converts into a smartphone stand. ommenting on the new accessory launch, Ajesh George, MD, RAEGR said, “The MagFix Duo is a must have accessory for Apple Watch and iPhone 12 users. Highly portable form factor makes it even more convenient to use on the go”



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