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Buy ONEXPLAYER for Ultimate Handheld, High-powered Gaming on The Go

ONEXPLAYER handheld PC: Features & Price

  • ONEXPLAYER: World’s Best Handheld Game Console with 8.4 Inch 2.5K IPS Screen. With a 8.4 inch display and 178° viewing angle, ONEXPLAYER matches similar visual quality to those 16 inch gaming laptops in the market. 
  • Playing games with the most powerful CPU is like racing with a 1,600 bhp sports car. The experience is surreal. The 11th generation of Tiger Lake-U processor features 12M L3 cache, 4.8 GHz turbo frequency, 4-core and 8-thread(applies to i7-1185G7 only). The world’s best performing CPU makes sure you rule all kinds of video games and boosts performance in every possible way.
You can know the price & buy it from Indiegogo or you can click the link given below


  • Utilizing the execution units to their best, the newest Intel iRIS® Xe 96 EU Graphics enables a handheld gaming console to perform like a desktop gaming PC. All mainstream games run smoothly thanks to the powerful GPU.
  • ONEXPLAYER makes full use of the performance of the Intel iRIS® Xe Graphics, and optimizes the performance and heat dissipation of the whole device, thereby greatly improving the smoothness of the game.
  • Two Japanese original ALPS high performance 360° rocker are adopted with stable and smooth force, low resistance and flexible feedback. It greatly improves the play feel, and supports L3/R3 function.
  • Obviously this is faster than traditional mouse click. In FPS games, you need real-time and sensitive trigger feedback. In racing games, you need the same to master the throttle. ONEXPLAYER has two complete linear analog trigger buttons with touch-click bumper buttons, 0.3mm keystroke, rapid triggering, allowing you to go deeper into the games.
  • ONEXPLAYER, the performance beast, comes with a 15,300 mAH (3.85V) high-capacity battery which sustain much longer battery life. With a 65W adapter, you can expect a rapid battery re-charging cycle. Say good-bye to your battery anxiety.
  • This is power bank compatible. ONEXPLAYER supports power bank with PD protocol (20V 3.25A). Recharge anywhere and anytime.
  • WOW!! upto 2TB Storage!! ONEXPLAYER features a built-in M.2 2280 PCle solid-state drive, supporting up to 2TB PCle empowers higher reading/writing speed, waiving anxious wait time and allowing more local games. Besides, ONEXPLAYER supports TF card as a more cost-effective way to add hard drive capacity.
  • It is unique for its Touch ID that is undoubtedly more convenient and faster way to unlock the device and gamer profile. No more tedious keyboard typing.
  • Three different storage sizes are also available, those being 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.
  • You can Connect with External Graphics Dock and 4K Monitor to Perform Better & enjoy better gaming experience.
  • Launched on May 10 with worldwide shipping available, the Onexplayer might not be the cheapest gaming device around at $1,059 (around £750 / AU$1,345), but consumers can nab the console for $819 (around £580 / AU$1,040) if purchased during the “early bird” sales period via the product’s Indiegogo page.

ONEXPLAYER handheld PC: Review

  • ONE-NETBOOK is entering the handheld arena possibly dethroning the Nintendo Switch with their revolutionary console, the ONEXPLAYER, that comes With an 8.4 inch screen, USB 4.0, and high-end specs.
  • Since ONEXPLAYER runs on Windows 10, you can even turn this handheld gaming console into a laptop if you include their add-on keyboard.
  • Powered by an Intel Tiger Lake processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, it has the horsepower to handle many modern PC games.
  • It doesn’t have a physical keyboard, lacks discrete graphics, and may not be able to handle every game you’d want to play. It’s portable by gaming PC standards, but it’s not exactly a pocket-sized device.
  • While most laptops with Intel Tiger Lake chips are configured to run at 15 watts, the ONEXPLAYER is set to a 20 watt TDP by default, and there’s a Turbo button that lets you increase that value to 28 watts for an extra power boost at any time.
  • Powered by an Intel Core 11th-gen processor, the Onexplayer features an 8.4-inch Full-HD IPS display and boasts a 2560 x 1600 resolution, more than double of what will arguably be its closest competitor, the Nintendo Switch.

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