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Buy OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Trusted by World’s Best Athletes

OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun

Lets meet with OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun, the World’s most powerful professional percussion massage gun in a sleek & compact design. Before knowing its features it’s better to mention that many famous athletes have recommended as they have used it & got the benefits claimed. NEX Pro speeds up muscle recovery and helps athletes push themselves to their limits in each training session, with the advantage of not slowing down by cramps or muscle pain caused by training. This OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun is here for providing the ultimate wellness experience for all as well as for professional athletes.

Lets experience the powerful and ultra-portable OYeet NEX Pro, the high-performance treatment in an elevated, premium-quality design. It is designed in such a way that it is not only ergonomic and easy to use but also extremely easy to control due to its lightweight form and one-button operation.

All we can say is OYeet NEX Pro is delivering the best massage performance on the market in the most compact package for only a fraction of competitor’s prices.

You can know the price & buy it from Indiegogo or you can click the link given below


OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Benefits & Features

  • This Gun is powered by NEXPower Technology, the latest high torque 98.8W NP38 motor strikes 40% deeper into the skin, up to 3500 PPM at 50 times per second. Powerful cores bring professional technology as the maximum force of 60 lb penetrates your deep tissue at a depth of 12.55 mm. Sports science research has guided us in choosing the strength of 60lbs of force, enough to ease the pain but not too much to exacerbate the issue and give you the control you need to recover faster.
  • The heavy-duty dual shafts in NEX Pro are built with Aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure long-lasting performance and minimize unnecessary vibrations. Made of engineered fiberglass, the handle is fully coated with liquid silicone, which is soft to touch and comfortable to grip.
  • Powerful performance does not have to be accompanied by a bulky structure. With a composition that is 50% lighter and 40% smaller, the NEX Pro is the most compact design ever on the market and features sports engineering at its finest.
  • OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun is built of 100% metal and durable high-density plastic, the 8 professional attachments are designed for athletic performance, pain relief, and injury rehabilitation.
  • This NEX Pro comes with all 8 professional attachments neatly packed in a TSA-approved premium travel case. Smaller than a book, it’s the new essential that easily fits into your gym bag or handbag.
  • Whether at home or in public, the practical silence will not disturb anyone or yourself.
  • OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun has a long battery life of up to 240 minutes. With each charge of NEX Pro and 10 mins of massage time every working day, you get up to a month of massage time to enjoy more sessions. To charge your NEX Pro, simply plug the device into the USB cable, and the ring will light up to notify you that the NEX Pro is ready to use.
  • With NEX Pro Massage Gun’s unique built-in sensor technology that provides visual feedback, you can get feedback and information during the massage process to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of each massage session.
  • OYeet NEX Pro reduces inflammation and muscle tension by 50% faster, breaks up those pesky knots after hard training & increases the blood flow of muscle tissue into the circulation for quick recovery, and speeds up rehab within 2 minutes.
  • It is capable to break up scar tissue and adhesions to restore your muscles and provides an exceptional percussive massage & reactivates all your muscles and keeps you moving every day with a 50% deeper tissue relaxation.
  • All we can say is OYeet NEX Pro is delivering the best massage performance on the market in the most compact package for only a fraction of competitor’s prices.

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