Buy Rocket e-Bike: World’s 1st E-Bike with 100-mile range

Rocket e-Bike

Rocket e-Bike promises rides up to 100 miles, all thanks to a big battery pack, efficient motor, and regenerative braking. The bike folds up small so you can toss it in your back seat, has a full suspension, and hits a max speed of 28 mph. We all know Electric bikes can be great, but their limited range gets in the way of longer rides.


E-bikes have become popular in almost every country and help solve problems like reducing traffic in city centers, letting those with longer commutes ride to work, and have even become an economical ride-share option and a great alternative form of transportation. But here comes a revolution in this field of electric bike, Rocket e-bike, which has a fairly lightweight frame and offers shifting, braking, cruise control, pedal assist, and a smart LED display for metrics like speed and level of charge. It does everything you’d expect from most e-bikes, but with one major difference — it charges itself while in use.

Features of Rocket e-Bike

  • The first eBike with 100-mile range, regenerative braking, all-terrain tires and a compact foldable frame.

  • Commute to work, ride mountain trails or cruise the beach—Rocket e-Bike takes you anywhere you want to go with ease.
  • Rocket e-Bike is a faithful steed on long-distance adventures. With a range that’s 3x the industry standard, you can embark on any adventure without worrying about your eBike dying halfway through.
  • Juice up your battery on the move with Rocket eBike’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System that transfers energy to your battery while gliding, braking or going downhill.
  • Easily fold Rocket e-Bike in seconds for efficient storing in your car, office, garage or closet! 

Rocket e-Bike Features
Rocket e-Bike Features

  • Rocket e-Bike is rear-wheel drive with either a 250W (EU buyers) or 750W (US buyers) engine from Bafang with high torque and uphill efficiency. Jet to your destination at up to 28 mph!
  • This has Cruise Control! Switch it on and when the bike has the same speed for 5 seconds, it locks in that speed and you turn it off by braking.
  • Rocket e-bike is unique because of its “Kinetic Energy Recovery System,” which transfers energy to your battery while you coast, brake, or go downhill. It literally charges as you ride.
  • This weatherproof ride can tough out the rain, rocky trails and sand, and still give you a smooth city commute. Take this baby to work or on a long biking adventure and trust that you can cruise home when your energy is running low. 
  • User-friendly and loaded with smart features. Theft tracking, bike customisation, GPS, trip data, social features and more, the My Rocket App is built for a life on the go. Free to use for Rocket owners.  

Rocket e-Bike specs
Rocket e-Bike specs

  • Many eBikes have short range, but not Rocket. Rocket eBike has an industry-leading range of 100 miles thanks to the perfect combination of innovative regenerative braking and a lightweight frame.
  • The Rocket e-bike uses a 48V, 15AH Panasonic cell battery hidden inside the frame, paired with a 250W or 750W motor option to make the bike go.
  • The bike also has fat, all-terrain tires and an impressive 100-mile range. Oh, and it’s got a folding frame and folding pedals for compact storage. Check out the Rocket e-bike’s Indiegogo campaign and grab a bike before stock runs out.
  • The Rocket is Rocket eBike’s first model, and preorder pricing is set at $999. The company expects to launch two more models in summer 2021 and three models in summer 2022.

Review of Rocket e-Bike

  • The price is very low for an e-Bike. The Brand  produce Rocket at a competitive price and at the highest quality. They are eliminating third parties and middlemen and shipping directly from the factory. Crowdfunding also helps us keep the cost down, as we will know exactly how many units we need so that we can eliminate storage costs.
  • For your any query, you can easily connect their amazing support team:
  • Rocket Bike comes with a 2 year warranty. The warranty covers the frame and electronics. It applies to production related manufacturers defects. It does not apply to parts that are subject to normal wear and tear – brakes, tires, chains etc. The warranty expires two years from the date the product was delivered.
  • it is certain you will love your Rocket Bike, that it comes with a 14 day return policy. You can return your Rocket Bike within 14 days, if it is in new condition. Shipping to our closest warehouse will be paid by the returner.
  • The saddle post and handlebar are both very adjustable. Rocket is designed to comfortably fit riders between 4’10 and 6’8 (150 cm to 200 cm). Rocket e-bike Bike has a recommended weight limit of 330 lbs.
  • Rocket arrives fully assembled, so you can start riding right away.

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