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Details of MOSH/CTY by SERIAL 1 series of Harley Davidson ELECTRIC Bicycle

Details of MOSH/CTY by SERIAL 1 series of Harley Davidson ELECTRIC Bicycle

Details of MOSH/CTY by SERIAL 1 series of Harley Davidson ELECTRIC Bicycle: Here we share with you the vast review and specifications about USA’s one of the best electric bicycle the Harley Davidson Electric Bicycle. After reading thoroughly you just want to love this product and we can sure about it. They’re bringing the thrill of riding into the future. Get ready for a lineup of electric two-wheeler that will inspire new ways to ride.

Harley-Davidson has launched Serial 1 brand for electric bicycles. The American motorcycle maker has also revealed the Serial 1 e-bike prototype which borrows design cues from H-D’s first motorcycle. There are two types in the series MOSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY.

Harley-Davidson will launch its first electric bicycle in March 2021 but not before an unofficial unveiling takes place on November 16. The American cruiser bike specialist announced a tie-up with Hero MotoCorp on October 27 to develop, sell and service Harley bikes in India. The electric bicycle is made by Serial 1 Cycle Company, a dedicated eBicycle brand formed by motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson.

The name “Serial Number One” is the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s oldest known motorcycle. The new company’s first line of products will arrive  March 2021, with an unveiling scheduled on November 16.

An announcement by Harley states, ‘Serial 1’s HARLEY DAVIDSON ELECTRIC BICYCLE will allow anyone to ride farther, faster, and with less effort, making an eBicycle the perfect solution for urban commuting and recreational riding’.

This is a pedal-assisted electric bicycle having a belt-drive system. The battery is built into the frame of the bicycle making it have a unibody style.

Harley Davidson ELECTRIC Bicycle
Harley Davidson ELECTRIC Bicycle

Harley-Davidson has not shared any details on the bicycle with regards to the battery type, battery capacity, power, top-speed and range. The picture does show a battery level indicator located near the pedal.

Disc brakes on both the wheels as shown in the pictures indicate that the e-bicycle could be high-on-power.

The prototype shown by Harley-Davidson on October 27 looks a lot similar to the three concept models showcased at the EICMA, Milan show in 2019.




Our integrated battery and mid-drive motor centralize mass and lower the center-of-gravity for superior handling; the bike just disappears beneath you.


Internally routed brake lines, electrical wiring and integrated front-and-rear LED lighting deliver sleek styling.


With intelligent auto shifting on select models, a maintenance-free belt drive, and self-adjusting hydraulic brakes, you don’t have to think about the bike; you can just enjoy the ride.

Harley-Davidson electric bike
Harley-Davidson electric bike

The Mosh/Cty and Rush/Cty Step-Thru come with 529Wh battery packs, while the Rush/Cty and Rush/Cty Speed come with the more powerful 706Wh packs. The same team that developed the batteries for Harley-Davidson.


Initially, Serial 1 will sell four bikes, ranging in price from $3,399 to $4,999. The brand names are Mosh/Cty, a city bike, and the commuter Rush/Cty, which comes in three variants. Indian price APPROX Rs. 10 Lakh.


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