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Goodbye Thermal Gun, Welcome ThermGo: No#1 Thermometer for Smartphone


ThermGo: Most Portable Thermometer For Smartphones

As the whole World has been shattered by the Coronavirus Pandemic, temperature checking has become a routine work everywhere. So for people thermal gun is a very common name. But  now you can track your temperature instantly anywhere anytime, without carrying a Thermal Gun with you, ThermGo is the new solution which will simply amaze you people with its user-friendly nature. HiDi Biotech has developed a portable thermometer phone accessory, that is ThermGo. ThermGo works with all common mobile devices including iPhone, Android phones, and tablets. Most excellent part is its portability. With its ultra-compact and lightweight design, the ThermGo effortlessly fits in your pocket. ThermGo is a user-friendly device, that takes body temperature measurements in a safe, hygienic way without contacting the skin.
Multi-user friendly


  • ThermGo reads body temperature measurements in the safest possible way without any contact. This method saves time and eliminates the need to sanitize between uses. So it is multi-user friendly. Its highly accurate infrared sensors are certified with over 2000 tests to ensure reliable accuracy of ±0.1°C.

  • ThermGo is actually a phone accessory that works with all mobile devices. No battery is needed like you need in case of gadgets like thermal gun. There is no need to recharge or put in batteries. The thing draws its power from any mobile phone or tablet. Simply plug it into the HSB-C port via the Lightning and Micro USB adapters simply plug it into your phone or tablet to instantly read temperature on persons, objects, or surfaces. This portable Thermometer provides accurate temperature reading instantly and can log and track data in-app to monitor changes.

Good bye Thermal Gun
  • ThermGo is quick in action and undoubtedly user-friendly. It easily switches between Fahrenheit & Celsius and is designed to work with multiple users so that you can measure temp checks on the whole family, friends, or colleagues. The temperatures can be tracked and monitored in-app with multi-user management. The app gives instant insight into temp data and lets you see temperature history and trends to easily monitor changes.
  • ThermGo is very small (70x15x25mm, 16 grams) so can fit into a handbag, rucksack and even your pocket. Ideal for on-the-go.
  • For kids who are not ready ti stay still for a temperature check, ThermGo is the solution. A quick second is all it takes for ThermGo to get an accurate non-contact measurement on kids and it won’t bother babies. And because it measures temp on any object, It’s also useful for other baby care needs such as checking the temperature of food, milk, or bath water.
  • For Industries, it can also be a friendly accessory. It’s a convenient way to measure the indoor temp (15-35℃) and temp of any surface (30-50℃)
  • You do not have to buy any particular smartphone for using this excellent as well as useful accessory. ThermGo is compatible with all common mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones and tablets. It doesn’t require batteries and uses power directly from the device.
ThermGo Compatibility
  • This thermometer type is infrared & Measuring Distance is 2-5 cm
  • What you will get while unboxing are the items mentioned:- ThermGo, Lighting Adapter, Micro USB Converter, User manual
  • As far as the price is concerned, it is $29


Press the below link to get this useful accessory for you and your family. It can be used in an Industry too. It gives you Non-Contact Measurement with Instant Reading. Its In app tracking makes it more exciting. With this Portable Pocket-Sized Plug-And-Play Thermometer you will be able to enjoy instant readings, while a historical function will enable them to track their temperature over time. 




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