Now Oximeter in Your Smartphone!! Download CarePlex Vitals App 4.1.0

CarePlex Vitals

CarePlex Vitals App 4.1.0: In this current pandemic situation where there is hue and cry for buying Pulse Oximeter, if your own smartphone can read your oxygen saturation within few seconds & taking no one’s help, how would you react? Yes, obviously you will be ecstatic & relieved.

Not only that You don’t need to visit the hospital daily if you are using this amazing app to know your heart rate & respiration rate. You can also record the readings easily using the app in Vitals. This kind of features is definitely going to comfort people who are facing this unprecedented circumstances of pandemic. With vitals history and graphical analytics function the app goes beyond the physical oximeters, which is simply a great news for everyone.

Name CarePlex Vitals
Size 30.42 MB
Version v4.1.0
Package Name com.careplix.vitals
Developer CAREPLIX
Price Virtual
Minimal Support Required 5.1 and Above


This CarePlex Vitals App 4.1.0 is free to download and use. Using it you can get the Best Personal Medical Assistance at home and at anytime you need. This is very easy to operate & learn. Anybody can use it for his or her instant heart reading.

Due to the current pandemic situation, the developers provide all premium services free to use for everyone. So, all you need is to download this useful app & follow the registration process. But remember one thing, We do not recommend you to use any kind of medication or such without a Doctor’s assistance. So, use this App to collect daily health information only.

CarePlix Vitals App
CarePlex Vitals App

The application provides services all over the globe to millions of people. Registration process is mandatory for all users. provide some basic information, which includes Name, Gender, Email, Location, Date of Birth etc.

How to Use Careplex Vitals App 4.1.0

Now “How to Use” probably the question that may disturb you but let us say believe in this user-friendly app for your own benefit. Hope you have a smartphone with you. Now after downloading the app you can follow their simple instructions or you can follow the steps mentioned here. First, place your index finger in the rear camera. Cover the camera and flash light. Do not move your finger. Click on start and wait till the vitals are captured. Then they will show the completed scan results in the screen with all the particulars that are quite accurate & much-needed.


How to contact Careplex Vitals app Customer care

Here is the process to contact Careplex Vitals oximeter app Customer care immediately and get a response fast,

1. First open the Careplex Vitals oximeter app.

2. Then open the menu

3. Tap on customer support/Help/Chat/contact us button

4. Select the category you need help

Download CarePlix Vitals App 4.1.0

We can help you with the link from where you van Download this so much useful App easily.


CarePlix Vitals oximeter
CarePlex Vitals App

Note for our Readers: This CarePlix Vitals App that used in monitoring of heart rate as well as oxygen saturation (SpO2) as well as real-time signals of breathing rate, should be used only for regular health monitoring purposes. Do not use this as a medical device in any medical urgency. Please contact your Physician or Doctor for immediate help or you can contact the nearest Hospital for the emergencies.
Yes, this is reliable, but the application doesn’t provide accurate information all the time, the accuracy part must be compared & reviewed by the Medical Practitioners only. But surely it will assist you & your concerned Doc to take necessary steps before any medical urgency arrives at your door.
Warning : You need to be careful with how much personal information you reveal online. Sharing your address, phone number, birthday and other personal information can mean you are at a greater risk of identity theft, stalking and harassment. This includes information you post on social media.


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