purME Air Face Mask: The World’s Most Breathable No.1 Face Mask

purME Air Face Mask

  • Breathe safer and easier with the help of twin turbines and fully sealed silicone.
  • Block out over 95% of microorganisms and pollutants with 3 protection level filters, from FFP1 to P100.
  • Keep your mask always clean by sterilizing it with built-in UV-C before and after each wear
  • That is why purME Air face mask is going to be the world’s most breathable face mask.


Most Ultralight Wearable Air Purifier that Cleans Itself, to buy you need to click the below link to get the World’s Most Breathable No.1 Face Mask



purMe Air Face Mask specifications
purMe Air Face Mask specifications

Full Day Protection with purMe Air Face Mask

This is a chargeable face mask. One full charge can keep the turbines running for 6-8 hours, which is more than enough to protect you for the whole day. Need longer protection? No probs! Even if your mask’s battery is low, you can still wear it as the filters will continue to protect you. To bring back the full protection powers of purME Air, you’ll need only 2 hours and any USB cable to recharge it.

Safe & easy Breathing in purMe Air Face Mask

purME Air is the world’s first powered mask featuring patent-pending constant pressure technology. purME Air ensures constant air pressure with twin innovative turbines bringing the same amount of air in and out. This prevents leakage of unfiltered air from over-pressure and makes your breathing simply effortless.

Highest Protection with purMe Air Face Mask

With 3 modular protection levels You choose whether you need 80%, 95%, or 99.9% protection depending on your environment and needs. Choose between basic protection with our new FFP1 filter ( for users who often travel & excercise in crowded areas), higher protection with the KN95 filter ( For users who regularly travel in crowded areas), or maximum protection with the P100 ( for maximum respiratory protection) filter through the adapter included.

purMe Air Face Mask
purMe Air Face Mask features

Most comfortable Face Mask ever

  • Fully sealed design
  • Silent turbines
  • 80g weight
  • No fogged up glasses
  • Dynamic Straps
  • Perfect fit or better to say, one size fits all

It is time to say goodbye to fogged-up glasses, ear pain, and marks on your face! purME Air face mask has your back (and mouth) covered. With its folded-over seamless ergonomic design, the flexible silicone edge of the mask will sit comfortably on your face and never leave marks on it, even after hours of use. Because of the airtight fit, it will also never fog up your glasses! And on top of it (literally), you can use the over-head dynamic straps to easily adjust the mask to your head and keep it in place even during intense workouts. purME Air is made with everyone in mind. It comes in one size and fits most people above 12. You will get almost no-mask feel as the weight of it is only 80g. So, Go hiking, cycle to work, exercise at the gym or just take to the streets with maximum protection.

Dust-proof, Weatherproof & Washable Face mask

purME Air offers the exact protection level you need from air pollutants, pollen, tobacco, wildfire smoke, and dust. Whether you are out their in rain, snow or wind, there is no chance of distortion of the shape of the mask. The silicone face piece and the straps are machine-washable. 

Inbuilt Self-sterilization System of purMe Air Face Mask

Installed with a UV-C light for self-sterilizing. Remove bacteria, viruses, fungal, and odor, before and after each wear. Silicone facepiece is removable and washable too.

HOW CAN YOU BUY purME Air Face Mask?

Press the below link to buy this never seen before face mask that is a miracle in its field.


purMe Air Face Mask: one size fits all
purMe Air Face Mask: one size fits all

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